New Beginnings


When I wake each morning, I feel blessed to be able to step outside and smell the crisp morning air of a farm. As I trundle down from my porch to the goat pen, I am always so grateful for the opportunity to live in a place that speaks so well to the beauty of our natural world and the ancient collaboration between human and animal. Our progress has long been driven by a shared work. In fact, throughout much of our history, mankind has relied on its coexistence with animals to advance ourselves and the causes which we believe in.

Here in Bucks County, this shared history is everywhere. Living in these very barns, pulling our plows through the fields, providing us with transportation and even sacrificing their lives to feed and clothe our families. It was animals that brought our farms to life and allowed us to push forward. Unfortunately, although they still live and work beside us, the importance of farm animals has largely diminished. In far too many situations, these same animals that once drove our economy are neglected the respect or consideration they deserve after dedicating their lives to our service.

I think it’s time for that to change.

In order to give back, we have created a place that provides a safe haven for a select number of abused, neglected or disabled animals. A place with open arms and lots of love to give to those in need. It is called Gratitude Gate.

Gratitude Gate is a sanctuary created for animals of all walks to find shelter through their storm. Here
they will be able to heal safely and show their true selves. While we will be taking in animals in need, our goal is to join these creatures in teaching our community the value of compassion for these animals and each other. We would like to help others learn the proper care needed to allow these animals to thrive and love us in return. This will help prepare those that may be considering a goat, cow, horse and others to add to their family. We know this will help directly impact the amount of animals that end up homeless and/or neglected.

Thank you for stopping in to learn more about our organization. It is with these values in our hearts and goals in our minds that we set out on this new journey to provide a better life for those creatures that have dedicated their lives to us. We hope you’ll join us.