Barn of our Dreams - Gratitude Gate


Roots. The suppliers of life and the leads to positive growth.

At Gratitude Gate, having a location to set our roots meant security for the very mission of our organization, rescue and rehabilitate.   While we are an accredited nonprofit organization, we are still waiting for our 501(c)3 to be approved.  This limits our ability to offer larger donations to be tax deductible and apply for grants. Both of which affects our funding greatly. Patience! So after we examined all options it came down to what would be best for our farm friends.  In the beginning stages of planning, inspiration was found at our current location in Kintnersville, Pennsylvania.  A dairy farmstead dating back to 1820, still standing tall on the rolling hillside.  On over 200 acres of preserved farmland, we can cherish the fields of corn and soybean that cradle our sanctuary at it’s core.  The beautiful intact dairy barn provides a unique opportunity to pair history and innovation to give shelter to our rescued animals.  A clean, strong and secure environment to heal both body and soul.

While the dairy and its twin silos are the center piece of the property, the land holds value found in the heart.   Two spring fed ponds are found on the property, providing water from a protected source and amazing habitat for wildlife.  We personally find the reflections in our ponds provide us a chance to look into our own hearts.  The fields and pastures have a strong roll across the landscape, with opportunities for the multi species grazing plan set in place to thrive.

While we do not own our present location, our landlord appreciated our determination for our cause at hand.  We have worked together in creating a situation that allows us to continue to help save animals while living on such a beautiful and historic property. We are helping to rescue this barn in a similar fashion as we rescue our animals.  With a little faith, love and hard work, we will bring life back into these walls and educate our friends and neighbors on a life that started our community so many generations ago.

We are so excited to share the beautiful transformation of a farm on the brink of being lost in time.

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