Meeting Mr. Inspiration


4:15 AM

I got the confirmation the night before that Rocky was leaving West Virginia and was to arrive about 20 miles from my house at 5 AM.  The excitement of bringing a new member in to our family is overwhelming but as any parent knows, you carry a certain sense of worry and concern over being the best you can be, for them.

I climbed in my truck and made the drive early on a Saturday morning. The roads were quiet, unlike the weekly commute on the week days.  If you are like me, 18-wheelers barreling in at 85 mph on either side gives you the creeps to say the least. I pulled into the parking lot of a business duplex and around the corner came a semi with a beautifully equipped trailer, specially trailered for these rescue operations.  Carrying approximately 20 dogs, 10 cats and one silly little goat!  The driver was extremely nice and explained to me how they care for their special passengers while they are traveling.  Rocky of course had won over this gentleman’s heart in the little amount of time he spent with him.

There he was, trying his hardest to get a steady look at me as his head moved similar to a pendulum. I thanked the man as I soon saw the other cars pulling up to pick up their new charges.  I carried Rocky in the Rubbermaid tub full of blankets and placed him right next to me on the seat.  Thankfully I came prepared with some fresh hay as this boy had no time for anything but breakfast at this hour!

When we arrived home slightly after 6 am, Rocky was still showing no signs of slowing down.  I gave him his bottle and thought for sure he would want to rest after the long ride.  The 15 years of work in veterinary medicine wasted no time kicking in.  I checked all the most important things first: Eyelid color, respiration rate and temperature.  All perfect.  His stools looked great, his appetite was awesome and he certainty wasn’t acting lethargic. Some of the best things you could ask for when taking in an animal whom you have never laid eyes on.  He finally settled down for a nap and I could breathe a sigh of relief.

Just rest little one, we have all the time you need to greet life on four feet.</em