Ollie Ollie Oxen Free!


Rescues happen even when you try to help prevent them.  I will often scan places like Craigslist as it is amazing the animals that are sold for profit or situations that will ultimately turn out bad.  I came upon Ollie in one of my searches. He was located about 50 miles from me on a farm, being advertised at a low price in hopes of a good home after his herd was killed by coyotes.  I contacted the owner concerning the situation to find out they were really only rehoming him because he was an unaltered male. They were getting new does and the owner did not want them impregnated by Ollie now that he is a year old. Ollie is 3/4 myotonic/ fainting goat and 1/4 pygmy.  This wasn’t going to work with a new herd of Nigerian Dwarfs that come with their own set of livestock guardian dogs.

Now this happens often from what I have noted in my experience.  So I talked to the man about castrating Ollie, (at this time known as Petey.) I explained that the vet can do it right at the farm for a very inexpensive price.  Within a couple of weeks, you can create a special little friend now deemed a wether.  No silly rutting behavior, pregnant does or horrible smell.  I have had nothing but good experiences with my own wethers and Ollie is only a year old.  Not too late at all! The man said he had not thought of this option and was going to speak it over with his wife.  He was grateful for my advice and looked forward to keeping “Petey” with his incoming does.  He thanked me and I felt glad I could help just by giving a little insight.

About a month later I heard again from the man, this time Ollie was given an ultimatum.  Unfortunately the vet was called to late and the owner was out of time.  I was emailed on a Friday, the new goats were coming the next day.  He offered to drive him to me on his way to Maryland today or he had to stay in a crate for 24hrs and sent to the local auction Monday.  I was Ollie’s get out of jail free card. You hate to get frustrated as the man was very nice and I knew I could offer Ollie a beautiful home.  He would be a perfect friend for Ferdinand and I had just picked Rocky up not 12 hours prior to his arrival.

When he got here, his crazy hair and great big horns won me over immediately.  He was a little taken back by Ferdinand, who was wearing his vest to keep off the chill.  So you couldn’t blame Ollie for hiding behind my leg and staring at this weird, tongue waggling creature. He remained trusting and just slightly cautious. His fainter genes showed strongly when his attempts to move away in a quick fashion were taken over by his suddenly immobile back legs.  Over the next couple of nights, I would peak in and they would be sleeping closer to each other under the heat lamps.  No doubt in my mind with these two be buddies for life!