Our Story

Jessica Huff founded Gratitude Gate in 2017 to help animals in a dire need for a place to call home. Sanctuary is for life. By devoting her own, a place of safety and care was created for some very special animals. Gratitude Gate has a team of incredible board members with extensive experience and qualifications in veterinary medicine, large and small animal care and small business management. We are proud to make the animals first priority in our work.

Jess worked as veterinary technician and assistant under an array of amazing veterinarians for 15 years in her hometown community of Bucks County Pennsylvania. Working closely with the animals she found a passion for the connection and bond created only in hands on training. She went to school for her certification in positive behavioral training and modification graduating with high honors. Allowing her to further help others strengthen bonds and communication with their own animals.

After a life-changing TBI, Jess was unable to return to her work at the veterinary clinic and the career she loved, due to multiple unresolved symptoms of vertigo and hypersensitivity to light and sound. After some time of healing and keeping hope for the future, Jess began to start a plan that help give back to animals and people in a different way.

Animals are healers for many of the unseen pain that can riddle the heart, body and mind. They listen quietly without judgment. Honesty is their best policy and can provide reflection in our own every day experiences. They live in the moment, without feeling sorry for themselves. Always giving their best to every moment gifted to them.

Gratitude Gate has brought light into the lives of a few beautiful animals in need of saving. In return, we learn that living day to day should be for something so much bigger than ourselves. Appreciate all that is gifted and gratitude is easy to see. Love always wins.