Our Story - Gratitude Gate

For those of you that don’t know who is behind Gratitude Gate, my name is Jess. I was born and raised in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and have devoted my life to the care of animals in need. I have been so fortunate to help save so many animals working as a veterinary technician for close to 15 years. While enjoying a beautiful sunrise on the back of my horse, two deer unexpectedly jumped out of the corn sending me one way and my horse another. I hit my head causing a concussion that would would change my life as I knew it. Post concussion symptoms left me unable to get out of bed, drive and definitely not work at my job as a veterinary technician. I couldn’t even hold a conversation. It took months to walk without holding on to something to give me balance.

But I was determined. This wasn’t going to stop me. I pushed hard to get better, my animals and family by my side. I knew returning to tech work wasn’t an option. So as I sat at home feeling sorry for what I had lost, I began to dream of a place of healing, love and learning. Gratitude Gate came to be out of a situation of sink or swim. A situation so many animals and people are faced with everyday. I had to find a way to continue my life’s work of saving animals and educating people on the importance of their welfare. In 2016, I got the bump on the head I needed to make a difference. Be grateful for life and never take for granted what has been given. Most of all never give up on yourself or a dream. Lives need saving everyday. Starting Gratitude Gate has opened up so many future possibilities for our community and beyond. Each day we are working to give these beautiful creatures the life they deserve. Help us continue in this mission by sharing our page with others. We can make a difference together!