Explore the Sanctuary - Gratitude Gate

Located in upper Bucks County, Pennsylvania, the setting for Gratitude Gate’s mission is on a historic dairy farm established in the 1820’s. The original dairy barn and farmland, consisting of 256 acres, have seen hundreds of years of history into the lives of animals and people living together. Once a full working farm that soon fell into the hands of neglect and despair. When my husband and I moved her 2 years ago, I had never seen a more beautiful diamond in the rough. Currently we are renting the property and hope one day Gratitude Gate can call this its permanent home. Giving life and new purpose back to this farm came together with the unique idea of giving it back to the animals. To transform from a location to house animals while they are being used, into a sanctuary in order to save them.

The main structural focal point on the property is the 2 story Pennsylvania bank barn and twin silos. Inside, not much has changed in the standing style stalls that are still in place from the days of milking cows. We have a vision drawn for an amazing way to hold the history of the original dairy intact while developing a new and kinder way of keeping our furry residents cozy.

Separate from the dairy barn is another smaller barn that we have created into our quarantine barn for new residents to be able to adjust peacefully. When our rescues come in, they are sometimes sick or exposed to deadly viruses and diseases before arrival. Having the quarantine barn allows us to keep our current residents from becoming exposed along with providing a safe place for our new babies to heal before entering the herd.

Our newly fenced 20 acre pasture is a slice of paradise containing every bit of what our animals need to be healthy and happy. Rolling hills meet at a large spring fed pond where the animals love to drink and play. Over the dam, the pond feeds into a small creek that gives life to tall trees and native brush that cover the hillsides. The pasture contains a healthy mixture of grasses in abundance that all of our residents can enjoy and eat to their content. Three large run-in shelters provide comfort from all of the elements or just a nice place to nap. As a whole, the pasture provides an incredible opportunity to bring happiness into the life of those in need.

Our Founder and caretaker lives on site providing round the clock care for each of the residents. To live in such close proximity to the sanctuary is vital to the well being of the animals we care for. This includes having a nursery for our young and disabled residents inside the house allowing for an even more hands on approach to rehabilitation.

Gratitude Gate holds high standards in creating healthy environment for all of the animals both physically and mentally. To feel free and loved. We know that we have found the right place