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Our kids come first always! And once you come to know Gratitude Gate, you will understand truly why I refer to each of these incredible animals as kids. Every day, 50 animals are treated and spoken to as individuals by name with a slew of nicknames and special voices. I have no shame when it comes to having a full blown conversation with one or a whole group of kids about the days events and my deepest thoughts. An experience of non judgmental freedom I wish everyone would follow. You come to know them as your friends and their personalities, likes and dislikes become relatable to your own. Communication of love that crosses species and tests the bonds of trust by exhibiting honesty found only in raw innocence. Gratitude Gate wants to provide a bridge to those in need of unspoken understanding. Our amazing herd includes a vast array of species that through domestication, mastered the ability to connect on such a sensitive level.

While each has come to Gratitude Gate with a story of survival, some require more rehabilitation than others. A few of our animals would be considered disabled or special needs. We like to think of them as Handicappable as they have no idea what self pity means. Blind, amputees or cognitive disorders all find sanctuary and love here when they have needed it most. Our focus is to allow these animals to give back that confidence to another that may have misplaced it; free of labeling or stereotypes. Animals are looking for your presence.

Our goal is to lose the traditional walls that surround you as you try to figure out the world. Opening space for senses to awaken through the idea of just being present. Lets face it, the amount of “screen time" one puts in daily is such an over flow of images, sounds and scenarios that the mind is left processing at breakneck speeds. We want to create a space that helps brings out the best in both the animals and the people that need them.