Request a Visit - Gratitude Gate

We try our hardest to share the beautiful moments between the kids with as many of you as possible. Usually these clips and pictures are between the hard work, sleepless nights and stressful days. We have tried for the past two years to incorporate some visits into our routine and responsibilities as the animals always come first! My husband and myself are the only ones available for these special tours and we truly enjoy sharing our beautiful friends but there is more often than not, something that prevents that from happening. Many times the weather plays a large part in these visits.

If it is too hot, raining or muddy, we respect our animals by leaving them to their naps and meals. Sometimes we have to reschedule due to a sick animal that needs to see the vet in which we are seen at the first time available. So we ask, please, to be understanding when trying to schedule a visit. If we are able, we will. We hope to be able to do more in the years to come!