New to Gratitude Gate

By sponsoring one of the kids, you help provide the very best care for them to thrive in our care. Feed, hay and medical bills are very much the same for our barnyard kids as they are for everyday pets like dogs and cats. Providing this security to an animal is a huge responsibility. We also know not everyone that would love to rescue an animal is able to! By sponsoring one of the kids you are directly ensuring they are being given the gift of a happy healthy life here at Gratitude Gate.

Ducks, Turkeys and Crazy Peacocks $10/month
Goats $25/month
Donkey or llama $30/month
Cow $50/month
Horse (Bumble or Cari) $100/month
Or Sponsor one of our Handicappible kids for $50 per month– because they are spoiled!

Our sponsorship package includes:

Biography of your new friend
Certificate of sponsorship
2 printed photos
A special gift to say thanks!

Sponsorships can be paid monthly through Paypal or Patreon but if you are looking to do a full year just let us know!

Send us an email and let us know who you want to sponsor so we can get your sponsorship package out right away!