Volunteer - Gratitude Gate

Gratitude Gate’s home site is located in Upper Bucks County, Pennsylvania. With 50 animals located at Gratitude Gate, the work is never ending. It is dirty, uncomfortable and mentally trying. If it wasn’t this way, we wouldn’t be giving our “kids” the absolute best. 365 days a year, two to three times a day, food, water and husbandry are required. Reliability and routine is everything to our animals. Veterinarian visits, rehabilitation and enrichment are thrown into this routine daily. You will get poop on your hands and urine on your clothes. It will pour rain and get really cold but, the animals still need us! Volunteering has to be seen as a serious commitment, as our organization is still small and working to establish new long term positions.

At this time we are only able to accommodate volunteer applicants for animal care that have a minimum of two years of large animal experience. This will evolve as we have more volunteers trained to work with our resident animals. Given our current situation, this is in the best interest of safety for both people and animals. We require 3 hours a day for at least 2 days a week for care of the animals. We currently have several animals with disabilities and special needs. Knowing each individual’s daily routine is imperative in providing the best care. If you are able to lift up to 50lbs and have your own reliable transportation on top of that, sign yourself up!

If you are interested in helping out at Gratitude Gate with general projects and not animal care that is fine too! Leave that information below and we will contact you as we have little projects come up!